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Interior design service

Whether you're looking for ideas on how to refresh a space, or need help to bring your own vision to life, we’re delighted to offer a convenient remote interior design service. Our straightforward ‘One Room’ package makes the process quick and simple.


Send a design brief

Use our form to explain what you’re after. Upload photos and room dimensions.


Get a confirmation 

Within 24hrs you will get a confirmation email with a link to pay for the service.


Set your preferences

Once you pay, we'll send you a questionnaire to capture your detailed preferences.


Receive the design  

Within 14 days you'll get a digital design pack with all the details to transform your space.


Your part

Send us the photos of your room with basic measurements using this formYou'll then receive an invoice and preference questionnaire which help you capture your needs, ideas, style, colours, budget, limitations, special requests etc 


The concept

Based on your preferences and details of the space, we'll create a design concept. It may be inspired by the furniture or rug you want to keep, colours you requested, your favourite piece of art... or anything else you bring up. Our photorealistic renders of the design will give you a taste of how exactly your space would look.


Making it real

Alongside the render, you'll get mockups with specific furniture, accessories and decor. The clickable shopping list will give you everything you need to recreate the design, down to a fine detail. All within your set budget. Use it any way you like - buy the total look, choose only favourite pieces, or be inspired to find your own take.


'One Room' interior design service


A complete interior design package for a single function room, up to 25sqm, delivered within 2 weeks. The digital pack (PDF) includes:

  • concept board

  • description of key design recommendations

  • colour palette 

  • furniture layout 

  • room renders 

  • clickable shopping list tailored to the budget


How to understand ‘One Room’?

It’s a space of a single function, for example: bedroom, dining room, living room, office, hallway, bathroom, kids room, etc; under 25sqm  


What rooms do not fit ‘One Room’ description?

Multi-functional spaces, for example: kitchen / dining / living; open-plan areas; large rooms (30sqm+).These need to be priced individually. Follow the same process, and you'll get a personalised quote. Prices start from £500.

How quickly can I get my design?

Standard timing: within 2 weeks from making the payment and submitting your preferences. If you require faster turnaround, please get in touch; it may be possible.

What are the payment terms?

Once we confirm your design request, you will receive electronic invoice with a link to pay. The payment is upfront, like for most digital products.

What services are included in the package?

  • Design

  • Email communications

  • 1 round of reviews/changes (further rounds are charged at £80 per hour)


What services are not included in the package?

  • Site visit and survey

  • Meetings in person or online 

  • Progress reviews

  • Supplier management 


What if I don't like the design?

Share as much as possible during the brief and preference stage and you're guaranteed not to find yourself in this position. The more you tell us about what you like (and don't like!), the more likely the design will feel just right for you. Once you receive the design pack, you can also ask for changes. The first round of comments will be addressed for free. If you'd like to keep exploring more, we're happy to (at £80 per hour) until you are completely satisfied. 

Will I get options to choose from?

No - in terms of overall concept. Yes - in terms of buying choices, especially when it comes to more expensive products, or highly personal products.

Why do I need to disclose the budget?

You don’t have to, but we strongly recommend it. If you share a realistic figure of how much you plan to spend on the room, the products used in the design and the shopping list will be tailored to it. Ie: you will be able to buy everything needed to recreate the proposed interior design. 

Do you design kitchens?

Yes and no. We can help you fully decorate a kitchen but based on your existing cabinets / cabinet layout from your kitchen supplier.

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