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Bespoke products

We are pleased to offer a completely bespoke design service. Commission unique home décor products to suit your personal taste and style and complement your home perfectly! Our designs are available on a wide range of products including: fabrics, wallpaper, tiles, murals, dinnerware and table linen.


How it works

  1. Pick any design/motif/pattern from the Reimagined collection or supply your own.
    We specialise in turning vintage styles into modern homeware, so your favourite art, a family heirloom, an old fabric are just a few examples of what could be your starting point. The possibilities are endless.

  2. Describe your desired colour palette and/or send photos

  3. Request specific products and quantities you’d like custom designed

  4. Receive a quote

  5. Approve digital mock-ups

  6. Most items will be produced and shipped within 2 weeks



Prices depend largely on the brief and required quantities. We recommend the service for medium to larger home decorating projects (ex: room refurbishments, bathroom refit, furniture reupholstery, etc) but are happy to quote for projects of any size. As a guideline, the total project cost = design service fee + cost of the products.

Example product prices:

  • fabrics: £80 per 1m²

  • wallpaper: £120 per 10m roll

  • tiles/murals: £300-600 per 1m², depending on tile size

  • dinnerware: £15 side plates, £20 dinner plates

  • table linen: £120+ per tablecloth, depending on size


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