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About Reimagined...

‘Reimagined’ is a result of my personal journey collecting and learning about antique ceramics and using them in interior design. Having started from an admiration for the exquisitely hand-painted blue and white faïence my mother collected, it turned into a full-blown love affair with pottery from all over the world.


As my collection grew over the years, I’ve developed a particular fondness for a hand-painted Dutch and Chinese porcelain. It tends to be hard to get, but that didn’t put me off. Antique fairs, vintage shops, the internet – I’ve always been on a lookout for reasonably priced, unique blue and white treasures. But as much as I loved my collection (over 300 pieces now), I’ve always felt a touch of jealousy when visiting museums and admiring their centuries-old ceramic masterpieces. Oh, to be able to enjoy something similar in my own home!


While visiting museums and searching archives, I’d learnt that photographs of many of these rare pieces are often available in the public domain, free to use or build upon. One day I started experimenting with the archive materials. I’d select a small motif or an element, restore the wear and damage digitally, then design a new pattern based on it, often injecting splash of vibrant colour to compliment it. Originally, I printed my designs and applied them to vintage pottery with hand-made transfers. Then, while testing for more durable techniques, I found that these antique-inspired creations look even more interesting when contrasted with simple modern shapes, giving traditional, classic patterns a contemporary feel. Soon after, with professional equipment, I was able to produce every-day, functional homewares that echo those exquisite pieces found in museums. So here we are!


If you’re an antique lover like me, I hope you’ll like my interpretations of XVII and XVIII century porcelain - classics reimagined for the grandmillenial aesthetic. If you’re a collector of modern blue and white, my pieces may just add a quirky touch to your collection. If you’ve never owned anything blue and white and perhaps it’s curiosity that brought you here – give it a try! Blue and white goes with everything. Our ceramics are designed with a modern taste in mind. They are simple, fun and will blend easily with your favourite style. One word of warning though: blue and white is very addictive! 

interiors by Anna Stark
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